270 х 1200mm

work table


base holder

The milling of metal workpieces involves the removal of excess material using a milling cutter with the required strength and sharpness. This process is an integral part of machining parts utilized in mechanical engineering, primarily for the high accuracy it provides in creating holes or recesses.

At our facility, we conduct the majority of our milling operations using a high-precision IM Gambin manual milling machine featuring a 270mm x 1200mm work table and an SK40 base holder. This machine is equipped with laser tape measures, boasting an accuracy scale of 0.001mm. For our cutters, we exclusively utilize top-quality tools sourced from reputable German manufacturers. As with other metal workpiece machining methods, the proficiency and expertise of the milling machine operator play a pivotal role in the milling process. We ensure our operators continually enhance their skills to achieve the finest results in milling metal workpieces.

Materials: While a variety of materials can undergo milling, our most commonly machined materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, and plastic.

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