hole diameter


hole depth

Profile drilling closely resembles sheet metal drilling, with the process being nearly identical in both scenarios. Unlike cutting holes with plasma cutting, for instance, drilling not only ensures the high precision required in mechanical engineering but also enables threading without subjecting the metal to heat treatment. According to EN ISO 1090, drilling is the only acceptable process for producing holes. 

For the drilling and tapping process, we employ various machines based on hole size and other specifications.
For holes with a diameter <30mm in products <25mm thick, we utilize a magnetic drilling machine.
For holes with a diameter <50mm in products <50mm thick, we employ a manual radial drilling machine.
For holes with a diameter <100mm in products <300mm thick, we utilize a Wotan horizontal boring machine.

The thread size we can tap in these holes ranges from M3 to M36.

Materials: We specialize in drilling holes in profiles crafted from various materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and aluminum.

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