What do we offer?

BEND specializes in turning, boring, and milling metal products, utilizing a range of machining tools to address diverse machining requirements.

The machining processes include:

  • milling: This involves machining horizontal, vertical, and inclined surfaces, creating teeth, cutting horizontal and vertical ledges, as well as performing face, bevel, and cylindrical milling;

  • turning operations: It encompasses shaping cylindrical, conical, and contoured surfaces, creating grooves, threading, and producing parts of specified shapes and sizes. This includes machining parts that are rotational bodies such as pulleys, bushings, couplings, gears, etc;

  • boring: This process involves machining the internal surfaces of holes using boring cutters, boring coaxial holes, and holes with parallel axes on highly accurate horizontal boring machines;

  • countersinking and reaming, drilling;

  • grinding, lapping, etc.

State-of-the-art coordinate boring, turning, and milling machines with high precision are employed for these operations. Our specialists at BEND possess expertise in fulfilling non-standard orders based on drawings, sketches, available samples, both in single copies and for series production.

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