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The technology of acid cleaning of stainless steel is designed to remove dirt or oxide layer from the surface of the product using hydrochloric, acetic, oxalic, sulfuric, nitric and other acids. Acids are highly soluble and penetrating, and they are good at flushing pores and small areas of metal homogeneity disruption by reacting with organic and inorganic compounds. Many acids have an antibacterial effect, which is used for surface disinfection.

Treatment of stainless steel with acid is often used to restore the shine of products.

Washing equipment with acid composition is one of the ways to protect against galvanic corrosion that occurs at the boundary of dissimilar metals.

Cleaning of stainless steel with acid, along with abrasive and electrochemical methods, is part of the technology for the treatment of welds. The advantage of the acid method of cleaning is its high efficiency and low costs for the purchase of chemicals. At the same time, it should be taken into account that the treatment means are disposed of in accordance with regulations, and the chemicals used can be harmful to the environment and people.

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