What do we offer?

The primary objective of surface treatment is to eliminate defects and irregularities in the material, imparting new properties and aesthetic qualities to the part. The methods employed serve various purposes such as offering protection against corrosion, enhancing the visual appeal of metal, altering its color and texture, and cleansing the surface by eliminating damaged and corroded material.

The principal treatment methods include:

  • polishing and grinding: Achieving a smooth and uniform surface using abrasives and grinders;

  • cold abrasive blasting methods (such as sandblasting and shot blasting);

  • painting of metal structures to create a protective coating and enhance the product’s aesthetic properties;

  • Chemical treatment of metal to remove rust and contaminants;

  • Passivation of metal surfaces: Creating a protective layer that prevents corrosion on the metal surface;

We provide services including shot blasting, painting of metal products, acid cleaning, and passivation, specifically tailored for stainless steel.

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