What do we offer?

We offer welding services of any complexity utilizing professional equipment, along with selecting proper welding processes to meet the specific requirements of the product. Our expertise extends to working with carbon, alloy, specialized steels (Hardox, Strenx), and aluminum.

Key welding processes include:

  • Argon-arc (TIG) welding: This method ensures protection of the welding seam from external influences, resulting in a strong and tidy seam. It facilitates the joining of dissimilar metals and is often employed for welding pipes and structures made of alloy steels, emphasizing both welding quality and aesthetic appearance;

  • Semi-automatic (MIG-MAG) welding: Utilizing an electrode wire in inert gas, this process guarantees weld quality and accommodates materials of various thicknesses. It encompasses a range of welding processes such as 131, 135, 136, 138, and others.

  • Electric arc (MMA) welding: Known for its high productivity, ease of setup, and regulation, electric arc welding comes with the advantage of low consumable costs. While less common in production settings, it excels in installation work. 

If required, our BEND specialists can refine customer drawings and devise custom solutions.

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