profile dimensions


sawing angle

The utilization of a high-precision semi-automatic band saw ensures swift and precise metal cutting. Equipped with carbide-alloyed pads, the band saw’s teeth provide uniform pressure on the workpiece during cutting, thereby maintaining high cutting accuracy.

The cutting area is cooled with a lubricating coolant, facilitating rapid cleaning from metal dust and chips, resulting in an even and clean cut. This quality cut often eliminates the need for additional processing. Additionally, the use of a thin band saw significantly reduces waste, particularly valuable when working with high-value metal workpieces.

Our operations accommodate rolled stock up to 380x380mm in size, with a maximum length of 12000mm. If required, we are capable of sawing materials at angles ranging from -60 to +60 degrees.

Materials: We handle profiles crafted from all types of carbon, galvanized and stainless steel, as well as aluminum.

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