hole diameter



Boring is a mechanical operation used for machining the internal surface of a hole, ensuring the desired size, direction, and finish class. This process employs special cutters and differs from drilling in terms of precision and the ability to work with larger hole diameters. Boring encompasses the creation of technological recesses, chamfers, and grooves. Frequently, boring becomes necessary to rectify improperly drilled or damaged holes when countersinking or drilling cannot achieve the desired outcome.

Our coordinate boring machine can manage workpieces up to 300mm thick and bore holes with a maximum diameter of 100mm. Equipped with laser tape measures, the machine boasts an accuracy scale of 0.001mm. Moreover, through our partnerships with reliable associates specializing in the boring of larger workpieces, we have the capacity to work on more substantial workpieces or larger holes.

Materials: Our specialists are adept at boring holes in various materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, and plastic.

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