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Painting metal products serves as a protective measure against corrosion, imparting an aesthetic appearance, and often offering specialized properties. In the realm of liquid painting, the selection of the most suitable paint type (such as oil, epoxy, polyurethane, etc.) allows for the provision of necessary protective properties, including resistance against chemical and temperature effects.

The utilization of liquid painting is the most convenient and suitable for industrial products. Hence, we conduct liquid painting—also referred to as wet painting of metal products and structures—using three painting chambers equipped with dryers at our facility. Each chamber measures 18000x4900x5700mm.

Additionally, in collaboration with our partners, we perform powder coating, heat-resistant painting, and galvanization. Should there be any uncertainties regarding the appropriate choice for surface protection, our specialists are available to offer guidance and necessary recommendations.

Materials: While nearly any material can undergo liquid painting, our primary focus involves carbon, special (Hardox, Strenx), and stainless steel, as well as aluminum.

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