Metal shearing, also known as guillotine cutting of metal, is based on mechanical action and is used for cutting metal sheets into strips, or rectangular-shaped blanks. The guillotine is a machine equipped with a knife and a fixed anti-knife at the bottom. The sheet material is secured on the machine table by a press, and the cutting knife converges with the counter knife at a specific angle and pressure.

Advantages of the shearing include economy, high speed, and productivity of work, as well as minimal waste, sawdust, and chips. Additionally, the metal is not subjected to any heat treatment.

Our equipment can cut sheets up to 5 mm thick and up to 3000 mm wide. Precise and professional adjustment of the guillotine ensures high-quality cuts: clean edges without burrs, chips, or jams.

Materials: With the guillotine, we can cut all types of carbon steel, as well as galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

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