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One of the most versatile metal cutting technologies is plasma cutting. This method utilizes a stream of red-hot ionized gas as its cutting tool. Compared to other metal cutting methods, plasma cutting enables the cutting of thicker materials while maintaining high speed and good accuracy along the cutting contour. The outcome is a clean and smooth cut, often eliminating the need for additional machining.

For plasma metal cutting, we utilize an MGM machine equipped with a Hypertherm XPR 170 source. The working table size measures 6000×2000 mm. The acceptable thickness of metal for plasma cutting ranges from 1mm to 30mm. However, for thicker materials, we provide a gas cutting service capable of cutting metal up to 300mm thick.

Materials: Our MGM plasma cutting machine can effectively handle all types of carbon steel, including specialty steels (such as Hardox, Strenx), stainless steel, and aluminum.

Optional: Additionally, we offer part marking using nitrogen (N2) and argon (Ar).

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