Rolling constitutes a technological operation involving the radial deformation of a metal sheet. The process’s distinctiveness lies in the consistent and stable pressure applied to the sheet to prevent damage and deformation. The outcome of rolling is the attainment of a cylindrical or conical shape for the workpiece, facilitating the formation of desired edges on the sheet and the creation of parts with complex geometries.

Rolling stands as one of the most convenient and cost-effective methods for producing rotation bodies. This process is further optimized in terms of economics and quality through the utilization of a 4-roller machine, similar to the one employed at BEND. This setup negates the need for pre-bending or excessive material trimming before the workpiece is processed.

The maximum sheet length we handle is 3000mm, with a maximum thickness of 5mm.

Materials: Our 4-roll rolling machine is proficient in handling carbon, stainless, or galvanized steel, as well as aluminum.

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