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Metal shot blasting is an ideal way to extend its life and increase its wear resistance. This type of surface treatment allows you to remove scales from the metal surface and to clean the metal from rust or old paint. In addition, this method of treatment will allow you to destroy all corrosion centers on the metal surface and increase the strength.


Upon metal shot blasting, its surface acquires additional roughness, which leads to increase in the contact area and improvement of the adhesion of the metal product with the surface material. Highly qualified specialists of BEND will help you to obtain high-quality and wear-resistant products using the modern shot-blasting techniques.


For the implementation of metal shot blasting, we use hand-held closed-type equipment, which allows the operation in a special chamber. The size of the camera gate is 5000х5600 mm. Maximum length of a workpiece that can be processed in a chamber is 17000 mm.


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