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One of the most versatile metal cutting technologies is plasma cutting. That is the right way to cut various materials while achieving a smooth and accurate cut.


The quality of the process largely depends on both the equipment and the master performing the work, which is why we are so proud of our specialists who are able to perform the most delicate work at a decent level. Thanks to the high-level skills of our employees we are able to minimize the loss of metal and maintain the quality of the quality. And due to the use of the professional equipment we are able to achieve high cutting speed and maintain the quality of the openings.


We process various types of steel, aluminum and other metals. For cutting, we use the Messer machine with Hyperterm 260 source. The size of the worktop is 13500x3500 mm. The metal thickness in case of the plasma cutting is from 2mm to 25mm. For thicker materials we can offer a gas cutting service that provides cutting of metal from 25mm to 300mm thick.


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