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Metal bending allows you to stop using dies in the manufacture of metal parts and ensures high accuracy of the corners of the future product. As a result, you get a complete product without seams and faults. Our specialists perform metal bending without breaking the integrity of the metal, therefore maintaining its strength. In addition, the absence of seams provides a higher wear resistance of the metal, as the seams are the most common place for corrosion to appear.


Our company can carry out bending of sheet metal or its parts on special machines. The process is extremely difficult to perform manually or at home, as it will directly lead to the damage of the metal, so the only reasonable choice is to turn to professionals.


The power and reliability of the equipment that we use allows us to carry out metal bending quickly and without any damage. For bending we use Adira machine with capacity of 600 tons, the maximum bending length is 6000 mm.


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